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    SideBars are a collaborative effort to highlight conversations happening in the BFF community. These conversations take place at BFF events.


    Check out some conversations from the community below.

  • conversations at the National Black Footwear Forum

    In this conversation, Channing speaks on the electric atmosphere at the National BFF! Join us as we discuss how culture IS the community, and get Channing’s perspective on the correlations between the footwear industry and sneaker culture today. Is it in a good spot? Or could it be better?

    A conversation with footwear designer, artist and musician, Jae Tips! In this sidebar, Jae shares his perspective on cultural currency, the process of working on his sneaker collaboration w/ Saucony and how we can continue to foster the relationship between industry and culture.
    A candid conversation with Bimma Williams, Co-founder and host of Claima Stories. Together we talk about being of service to others, the importance of authenticity, and how to break barriers as a new entrepreneur.
  • about @WolfofWallSneak

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    Engaging context for thought-provoking conversations around an ever-evolving footwear industry. International trade journalist and Wall Sneak Journal Editor in Chief, Malcolm J. Randall (aka Wolf) serves as a vocal bridge between #footwearindustry and #sneakerculture. Each segment helps brings us closer to bridging that gap. Whether in the lab or out in the field, Wolf's unique professional insight and engaging cultural commentary serve as a megaphone for Wall Sneak Journal and many other sneaker enthusiasts.

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