• A fresh and innovative podcast continuing conversations started on diversity, highlighting black footwear industry leaders, and providing resources on how to navigate the footwear industry as POC. Join hosts Dion Walcott, LaShae Boone-McCray, and some amazing guests for Blacklights insights!

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    sharifa murdock kith envsn blacklights podcast


    Sharifa Murdock, Chief Impact Officer at KITH and CEO of ENVSN discusses breaking through conditions, cultures, and conflicts in the creative industry. A prominent and influential fashion, business, and lifestyle expert, Sharifa currently oversees KITH's in-house non-profit, The Kinnect Foundation, and has cofounded Liberty Fairs, PROJECT, and ENVSN. (5/25/2023)

    david ballin puma blacklights podcast

    eps 2: David Ballin

    We sat down with David Ballin, Sr. Creative Strategist at Puma, to blacklight the reality of navigating while black in corporate America. David leads large-scale commercial projects driving consumer connectivity, building brand cache, and increasing sales. Listen to hear how David has been an integral part of leading Puma’s growth in the last 12 years. (4/28/2023)

    portia blunt reebok blacklights podcast

    eps 1: Portia Blunt

    In this episode, we find out what a true Blacklight is with Reebok's VP of Apparel, Portia Blunt. Listen in as we hear her journey and how she continues to navigate the footwear space. (3/23/2023)

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